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We all face many different financial decisions.  Tax efficiency is the opportunity to lower or mitigate your taxes through financial decisions.  There are a wide variety of tools available:  trusts, companies, offshore trusts, estate plans are only a few of the options.

With literally any number of creative options governed by law and tax authorities, you must have an advisor who is well aware of the many possibilities and has the time to understand your situation.  Often it takes more than one advisor to consult.  It is impossible for one person to be the very best at everything.  We are advisors who train advisors, write books, attend seminars on global taxation and continue to update our educational and creative toolbox.

We are a group of advisors who are the very best.  Our advisors have different educations and certifications as well as varying experience and talent.  We learn you situation through consultation before we decide which talents are best applied to assist you in everything from tax efficiency to wea;th preservation.

How do you know if you are tax efficient?

  • Has your financial plan been reviewed recently?
  • Are your assets titled properly?
  • Have you considered alternatives due to changing econimical circumstances?

We are here to assist you in the answers to these questions.  Feel free to call or email us.

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