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Returning (Expatriating) To The U.S.

You should review your employment agreement to determine whether your relocation to the U.S. is part of that agreement so you can consider the source as foreign or U.S. for tax benefits or detriment. If it is determined to your detriment by us, you and, if you wish, can negotiate with your current employer to a more favorable tax treatment by both the foreign country that you are departing from and the U.S.

Determine your overseas assets including such as retirement, medical coverage, investments, bank accounts, foreign residence.

Departure year tax situations as to accrued foreign tax, retention of medical benefits, time outside of the US for a greater portion of foreign sourced earned income exclusion on your U.S. tax return and now many days in the calendar/fiscal year will put you into a residency tax status in the foreign location.

The departure year will bring a significant series of tax options and elections that will require a skilled professional to go over these options and elections BEFORE returning to the U.S.