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Are you moving overseas for employment?

If you are taking a new position in an overseas location, you should contact our office to assist you in ensuring that your moving expenses are deductible on both the outward move and repatriating to the U.S.

Your employer may ask that you sign an employment agreement that is a “seconded agreement” which is designed to be beneficial to both the employer and yourself, but this agreement should be reviewed by us to ensure your benefit and protection.

Is your employer offering Tax Equalization or Tax Protection packages for the term of your offshore employment? If so, are they designed to be beneficial or detrimental to your worldwide compensation package?

If you have a young family, be sure they are provided for in your negotiations for medical treatment, emergency repatriation, schooling, automobile and residential leases as well as moving your family pet. We can provide excellent guidance in these areas.

Of course, a U.S. Passport will be required for international move and travel. However, there are 20 different U.S. laws that allow the State Department to suspend or revoke your passport, including past due child support (varies between states) and IRS tax liabilities that exceed $50,000. Please see us for advice on these matters.