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Many Americans look to stay on in the foreign location of their long term employment and may have married a foreign national.

The estate planning laws in the U.S. do not favor this arrangement and you should immediately exercise the options that are available to you to ensure that your loved one is no facing a large tax assessment from the U.S., even if you live overseas.

As each country differs, a long term resident may be able to apply for citizenship and, therefore, become a dual citizen. After that event, many Americans look at the cost/benefit of maintaining two citizenships, we can assist in your planning and strategies.

If you now have children with the foreign national spouse, the issue arises when the children become of age of consent whether to give up the U.S. citizenship or remain dual citizen, we can assist in guidance in these matters.

Americans living and working overseas may require special trusts for the spouse and also separate Wills for the U.S. and the overseas locations, guidance should be sought on this matter.

Your retirement can be viewed needing compliance by the IRS with severe penalties for non-compliance going back to 2013 with FATCA and earlier for the IRS taxation requirements, please contact us for more information on retiring overseas.