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All citizens of all countries need to be tax compliant.  This is the law and taxation is complicated in most countries.

Many people think that an advisor, attorney or accountant is going to cost them money.  They might be right, howeere a good tax consultant and advisor is going to save you money.

There is no such thing as a “tax haven.”  There are however Offshore Financial Centers that can reduce your taxation.  We do not recommend that you try this alone.  There are too many compliance laws and most people fail to set up or maintain a lasting situation.

Tax compliance does not mean finding loopholes to pay less.  It is thought of as a mitigation process.  You must pay what you owe, but the governmenet and the IRS offer valuable savings to help you preserve your wealth.  You must first be aware of all the laws and changes in tax codes.  This is what we do.  We, like you believe that the assets  you have worked hard for or earned or inherited are very valuable.  Tax mitigation is a part of the process of Asset Protection.

We review both international and domestic tax strategies and welcome your inquiry!  You consulation is at no cost to you.